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What We Do

Oftentimes, home-bound seniors can feel isolated, lonely and in need of a little extra support. Positive Solutions provides outreach, along with mental health prevention and intervention, to home-bound individuals (60+) who are at risk of becoming depressed or are showing signs of minor depression. Trained and compassionate staff members help clients recognize symptoms, identify possible causes of depression and teach proven ways to cope. This is achieved through short-term psychoeducation, the evidence-based PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives for Seniors) model, and other brief interventions. Our goal is to reduce feelings of isolation, and increase an individual’s social support system and overall self-sufficiency.

Positive Solution

Who We Serve

Services are available for individuals ages 60+ from all cultural backgrounds in the San Diego County’s Central, North Central, North Inland and North Coastal Regions. For information on the Positive Solutions referral process, contact Syed Imam at

Success Story

John entered the Positive Solutions program looking for help managing his depression and cultivating daily and life goals for himself. He had been incarcerated for over 40 years and found it very difficult adjusting to life as a free man, but also overcoming barriers as an older adult with limited support. Through close collaboration and encouragement from his UPAC therapist, he was able to develop increased insight and self-awareness, and learned various coping mechanisms to help him manage his depression. After participating in the Positive Solutions program, John was able to obtain his own apartment, register in a job agency, perform volunteer work, and engage in multiple social and recreational activities. He was able to meet all the goals he set for himself and continues to strive to improve after being linked to long-term services.

* Names have been altered to protect client privacy.

Funded by the County of San Diego

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency | Live Well San Diego

Program Manager

Syed Imam

Syed Imam, Ph.D.

Dr. Imam is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with vast experience working with people of different cultures, races and ethnicities.  He is tri-lingual and a seasoned mental health professional with more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of psychology and behavioral health. He has tangible management experience and has successfully managed the Positive Solutions Program for Older Adults for the past 7 years. His holistic and people friendly approach has led to the great success of the program.

Dr. Imam values human diversity and possesses deep empathy and respect for the clients.  He believes in non-directive client centered therapy where clients feel comfortable to walk in their life space and given an opportunity to explore and nurture positive emotions and experiential happiness. He knows the perfect art of blending eastern and western philosophy together that brings the best outcome to serve the clients.

Dr. Imam has a warm, friendly, empathetic and compassionate personality with sharp clinical skills and professionalism creating an ideal environment for the staff and clients in the program he is privileged to serve.

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