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Expanding Horizons 2024

What We Do

Expanding Horizons is San Diego County’s first Outpatient, non-residential Substance Use Disorder treatment program specifically for Transition Age Youth (TAY) aged 18-29. Our program provides care that is client- and family-centered, individualized, clinically effective, outcomes-driven, culturally responsive, gender specific, trauma informed, developmentally and age-appropriate, and inclusive of TAY evidence-based treatment practice and recovery services approaches.

While in our program, clients will receive weekly group counseling, individual counseling, care coordination with a case manager, and peer support services to assist clients in achieving their goals in treatment. We also provide MAT services, weekly artistic expression groups and host prosocial activities at least twice a month.

Our program aims to meet the needs of the TAY community. From our interventions to our spaces, we want our program to work for you and your recovery! We encourage feedback to help us support all of our clients.

Who We Serve

At Expanding Horizons, we serve TAY 18-29 years of age who meet criteria for a Substance Use Disorder. Clients are eligible for services if they have Medi-Cal or no insurance.

TAY can call our office at (619) 818-3788 to learn more about the program and referral/intake process.

Funded by the County of San Diego

Program Manager

Melissa Lindo

Melissa Lindo, M.A., LMFT 

Melissa Lindo is the TAY Program Manager at UPAC’s Expanding Horizons Program. Melissa manages the team providing substance use treatment to TAY individuals between ages 18-29 primarily in the central region. 

Melissa started as an intern at UPAC’s Teen Recovery Center in 2016 as she worked her way through her master’s program to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. While serving clients in the field of addiction and mental health, she has enjoyed assisting teens with their substance use issues, helping to plant seeds as they continue to grow into young adults.

Melissa is San Diego born and raised and is proud of her Filipino and Mexican cultures. She is an advocate for self-care and emphasizes the importance of inclusivity. Melissa enjoys working in the community with the team and has a strong passion for supporting young adults to achieve their overall success.

3539 College Ave
San Diego, CA 92115
Tel: (619) 818-3788
Fax: (619) 795-6906


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