UPAC’s Adult & Older Adult Mental Health services provide resources and support for adults facing mental health challenges. Experiencing depression, anxiety or other behavioral health crises can be frightening and often individuals feel intimidated to seek help. We’re here for you.

Our array of services are culturally and linguistically sensitive and provided by welcoming and qualified staff members. We practice trauma-informed care and aim to help all clients reach mental wellness while being respectful of individual goals and beliefs.

Through our various programs, we offer mental health assessments, crisis response services, individual group and family therapy, psychiatric medication management, clinical cases management, physco-education and rehabilitation, peer support and more.

Counseling & Treatment Center (CTC)

Culturally sensitive mental health services for Asian Pacific Islanders designed to meet the unique needs of this population.

East Wind Clubhouse

Member-led clubhouse which provides rehabilitative, recovery, vocational and peer support for Asian Pacific Islander adults living with mental illness.

Elder Multicultural Access and Support Services (EMASS)

Aimed at improving the quality of life for older adults, EMASS provides social and recreational activities for culturally specific populations ages 60+.

Bridges to Wellness

UPAC and the United Women of East Africa have partnered to promote behavioral health understanding through wellness navigators, educational workshops, and cultural celebrations.

Next Steps

In partnership in NAMI San Diego, San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital and County Behavioral Health, Next Steps provides recovery-based peer and family support for those hospitalized for mental illness.

Positive Solutions

Outreach, mental health prevention and early intervention services to home-bound seniors who are at-risk of depression or currently experiencing depression.

Promise Wellness Center

Created to assist those in the Promise Zone Region of San Diego, where the program and staff members can reach the diversity of the neighborhoods and help improve quality of life.

Progress Pride Flag 2021We proudly support and serve all individuals.