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What We Do

Finding where you fit in after coming to a new country can be isolating, especially when you speak a different language and are facing mental health challenges. To foster mental health wellness, UPAC offers a variety of services to chronically mentally ill adults (18 years and above) at our Eastwind Clubhouse. This program focuses on culturally appropriate programming to Southeast Asian refugees, immigrants, and other underserved populations and strives to help clients find self-reliance.

Services provided at the Clubhouse include mental wellness workshops, traditional arts & crafts, music therapy, ESL and citizenship classes, employment coaching, health education, and support groups.

East Wind Clubhouse

Who We Serve

Eastwind Cluhouse is open to all adults (18+) who have a diagnosed mental health disorder. Those interested in making a referral can call (858) 268-4933 or visit our clubhouse in-person.

Success Story

Tu was referred to UPAC’s Eastwind Clubhouse after suffering major depression and a suicide attempt. He had lost his wife just days prior to immigrating from Laos and was now navigating a new country on his own. When Tu first came to Eastwind, he was very worried people would judge him and he stayed secluded from the group, avoiding interaction with other participants. Quickly, UPAC staff helped and supported Tu, to make sure he felt comfortable and encouraged him to meet others in the group. Thanks to Eastwind’s caring staff and friendly clients, he quickly made new friends and finally felt a sense of belonging. While participating in the program, Tu was able to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a US Citizen.

* Names have been altered to protect client privacy.

Funded by the County of San Diego


Program Manager

May Vang

May Vang, BS

May Vang is a seasoned mental health professional who double majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Her degree led her to the non-profit mental health arena where she feels passionately about providing direct services to underserved communities and populations. May has worked for UPAC over 26 years. She is a family member of a loved one who lives with mental health challenges, so she uniquely understands and has a deep compassion for this population. May is a strong believer of the mental health recovery model and strengths-based services.

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