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What We Do

Our HUD-approved housing counseling program provides group and one-on-one coaching for home buying, debt reduction and saving, and fair housing.  We offer free classes in the community, providing First Time Homebuyer Education and Fair Housing Education. (A first-time homebuyer is defined as a buyer who has not owned a home for a period of three years prior to purchase.)

Who We Serve

Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) Housing Counseling Program mainly serves clients with limited English proficiency.  Our HUD Certified Housing counselor is fluent in both English and Vietnamese and provides housing counseling services and information at no cost to the client.  If you are looking to purchase your first home, our agency can provide homeownership and mortgage counseling to help you turn the American Dream into a reality.

Success Story

After attending our First-time Homebuying Workshop, a couple came to see our Housing counselor for one-on-one counseling.  They had been seeking to purchase their first home for the past five years, but they were unable to qualify for the loan due to high prices of homes in San Diego and their limited income.  They said that they had been working with many lenders and realtors but did not learn anything from them and were still paying increasingly higher rents for the last 10 years.  They almost gave up their dream until their meeting with UPAC and readily committed to have our organization help them.

With our Housing Counseling procedure in place, we walked them from A to Z, starting with budget planning, provided them with study guides, and reassured them that their questions would always be answered.  Most importantly, they are willing to follow the advice of our counselor, and they finally bought their first home with their mortgage payment equal to the rent amount that they were paying.

When asked what they thought of UPAC Housing Counseling program, they said that, per their prior experience, they initially did not believe that we could help.  However, they eventually found that they were very lucky to have worked with us.  They were pleased with what the program had to offer and said that our housing counseling program is unique, free, informative, and found the staff to be very knowledgeable.  They appreciated the opportunity to learn at their own pace and would recommend our service to all future homebuyers before making any decisions in order to save time and money.

After a month of moving in, during our follow up meeting, the couple said: “Thank you for all that you did to educate us help us to buy our first home!  We love our home and are so excited to be here!”

They are also signed up for our Post-Purchase Housing program.

* Names have been altered to protect client privacy.

Funded by the County of San Diego


Certified Housing Counselor

Huan Le

Huan Le

UPAC Housing Counselor Huan Le is a HUD-certified housing counselor and has more than thirty (30) years of working experience in Real Estate and Mortgage Financing industry.  He also has a Mortgage Broker license.   For the last nine years, Huan has been providing group and one-on-one housing counseling and educational services to UPAC’s Housing Counseling clients. 

Director: Kim-Thoa Hoang
Housing Counselor: Huan Le

1031 25th Street
San Diego, CA 92102
Tel: (619) 232-6454