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What We Do

UPAC operates Bridge to Wellness in collaboration with the United Women of East Africa (UWEAST).  The program serves refugee and immigrant families primarily from San Diego’s Asian and East African communities and is focused on reducing trauma and increasing resilience among San Diego’s Asian and East African immigrant and refugee communities through promoting culturally acceptable help seeking behaviors for mental health, substance abuse, and victimization.

The program provides:

  • Weekly workshops for API refugees and immigrants
  • Weekly workshops for East African refugees/immigrants
  • Quarterly multicultural Celebrations
  • Wellness Navigation

For additional information regarding API services contact May Vang, Program Coordinator –; (619) 455-2108

For additional information East African refugee and immigrant services contact Meeshate Mengistu –

Funded by: California Department of Social Services in consultation with The Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs

Bridges to Recovery is an expansion of Bridges to Wellness designed to increase education and awareness of opioid and stimulant use, reduce stigma, and increase Narcan availability and treatment acceptance within San Diego’s African American, Hispanic, API, East African and TAY populations.  This expanded program includes a partnership between UPAC, UWEAST and Urban League of San Diego.

Funding provided by the State of California’s Department of Health Care Services in partnership with The Center at Sierra Health Foundation

Program Coordinator

May Vang

May Vang, BS

May Vang is a seasoned mental health professional who double majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Her degree led her to the non-profit mental health arena where she feels passionately about providing direct services to underserved communities and populations. May has worked for UPAC over 26 years. She is a family member of a loved one who lives with mental health challenges, so she uniquely understands and has a deep compassion for this population. May is a strong believer of the mental health recovery model and strengths-based services.

Workshop Location

UPAC Neighborhood Enterprise Center
5296 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92105