Together, We Can Overcome Anything

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have shifted our Annual Dinner to a Virtual Event focused on our COVID-19 support and relief efforts.

Throughout the week of August 10-14, 2020 we launched an awareness campaign to highlight how we’re helping vulnerable community members during COIVD-19 and to raise vital funds for UPAC’s programs. Each day, we shared a new video about our essential services and the modifications we have made to support our clients in this great time of need. Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors and partners for their generosity! 

Neighborhood Enterprise Center & CARE Box Distribution

UPAC’s Neighborhood Enterprise Center was created in 2018 after recognizing a need in City Heights for a local community “hub” that not only provided a safe space to gather, but a place for at-risk youth to gain employment. We transformed a 4,622 square foot restaurant into a thriving social enterprise, comprised of The Neighborhood Cafe, a commercial kitchen, Print Shop, the Community Gathering Place and a technology center.

When the “Stay-at-Home” order began and our Cafe transition to “to-go” only, we saw an opportunity to help. To respond to the growing amount of food insecurity in this neighborhood, we transitioned our Cafe Catering services into an Emergency Food Distribution. Each Friday, we distribute 6,000 lbs of food to families in need through our CARE Boxes.

CARE Boxes include 2-4 days worth of fresh fruits & veggies, dry food staples, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, culturally appropriate resource information, and a family friendly activity to pass the time at home. Additionally, each CARE Box recipient receives a freshly prepared family-style Cafe meal serving 4, to alleviate the stress of preparing food that night. This program has allowed us to keep our youth employees working and involved in making a direct difference. Over 80% of our NEC staff are at-risk youth in UPAC programming. Watch now to see how we’re helping.

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Programs

UPAC’s Addiction Treatment & Recovery Programs provide the support and encouragement individuals need to find recovery. We offer outpatient alcohol and drug treatment and recovery programs, as well as services for gambling addiction.

Program services include assessments and screenings, peer support meetings, sober living stipends, individual, group and family counseling, crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluation & medication management, and case management. Our dedicated and compassionate staff and SUD counselors are committed to helping clients reach their recovery goals.

This population was hit particularly hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to  increased isolation, suspension of services and new stressors relating to recovery. Watch now to see how we’re helping.

Older Adult & Adult Mental Health Programs

UPAC’s Adult & Older Adult Mental Health services provide resources and support for adults facing mental health challenges. Experiencing depression, anxiety or other behavioral health crises can be frightening and often individuals feel intimidated to seek help. We’re here to provide comfort, encouragement and support.

Our array of services are culturally and linguistically sensitive and provided by welcoming and qualified staff members. We practice trauma-informed care and aim to help all clients reach mental wellness while being respectful of individual goals and beliefs.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused an increase in mental health needs throughout our country. Many individuals are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression for the first time or their current levels are drastically heightened. Watch now to see how we’re helping.

Children & Adolescent Mental Health Programs

UPAC’s Children & Adolescent Mental Health programs are provided to youth, ages 5-20, who are experiencing challenges in their school, home or community. These challenges and stressors can impact the mental health of both the youth and their family. We’re committed to helping families identify their strengths and overcome personal and community challenges.

Our highly trained staff provide trauma-informed services in a variety of languages.  We work with families, schools and other support givers to make sure each client is assisted from all angles through behavioral, talk, play and art therapy, medication evaluation and management, individual, family and group therapy and case management services.

Due to COVID-19, youth are experiencing a major disruption in their routines. School has gone virtual, they are unable to see their friends and more time is being spent at home than ever. As a whole, children and adolescent are facing a generational trauma. Watch now to see how we’re helping.

Housing Counseling

UPAC’s HUD-approved Housing Counseling Program provides group and one-on-one coaching for home buying, debt reduction & saving, and fair housing. We offer free classes in the community, providing education about first-time home buying to individuals with limited English proficiency.

With lack of job security and potential loss of income due to COVID-19, a majority of our clients are expressing how scared and uncertain they feel. To adapt, we are consistently checking in to assure them we’re here to make the home-buying process less frightening. If now is not the right time to purchase a home, we’re here when they’re ready. For clients continuing on their journey to home-ownership, we are committed to helping them navigate an even more complicated process. Watch now to see how we’re helping.