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What We Do

A Subcontract of Mental Health Systems, In-Home Outreach Team (IHOT) North Program provides outreach and engagement including support and education, screening of needs, transitional case management, referrals to community services and crisis intervention as needed. We offer a wide range of services to assist with needs, supports, or desired services. The IHOT North Program provides support, needs assessment, and assistance in problem-solving for: Initial engagement of services, learning to access the support you need from San Diego County clinics and other community services, changes in living situations, and becoming employed or returning to employment.

Guided by peer and family support staff, individualized goals are created to help participants identify and achieve their hopes and dreams. The length of services is based on our participant’s level of need. The IHOT North team members include men and women of varied ages, ethnicities and racial backgrounds, who are trained peer and family specialists. They share their own lived experiences with IHOT North participants and families.

Who We Serve

We serve adults at least 18 years of age or older (including Transition Age Youth and Older Adults) who are eligible for, but not currently engaged in, mental health services. We also provide support and education to family members and/or caretakers of IHOT North participants. Our mobile teams serve the North Central, North Inland, and North Coastal regions of the County of San Diego. Eligible participants must be residents of or identify as homeless within one of the three North County regions.

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Success Story

Tom was referred to IHOT after a hospitalization for suicide risk. UPAC’s outreach started with our staff meeting him at the hospital. During his stay, we worked with both him and the hospital staff, but after discharge, he was unable to be located. UPAC staff worked diligently with his mother to gather information on where he might be. Dedicated to finding Tom and helping him on his journey to mental wellness, our staff searched for him on a regular basis near areas he frequented and persistently texted him. They were successful with text communication and able to schedule a meeting at a park near his location to help him set recovery goals. PPE was worn and an outdoor location was chosen due to COVID-19 precautions. Staff was able to connect him with a housing resource and paid for his first month’s rent. Additionally, they helped coordinate care at mental health centers and continue to check on his progress. Tom has continued to participate in the programs and his symptoms have now decreased with proper treatment.

* Names have been altered to protect client privacy.

Funded by the County of San Diego

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