Housing Counseling

Pre-Purchase Education and Counseling

Assistance is given to low to moderate income (LMI), limited English proficient (LEP) San Diego residents to increase potential first time home-buyer awareness, knowledge and preparation of home purchasing processes and requirements.                                                               Services include:  corb2104

  • 8 hour first time home-buyer education workshop on mortgage, federal laws, predatory lending, and steps to home ownership
  • One-one counseling on home-buyer qualifications and credit, goals, developing, and budget creating through action plans
  • Follow-up, technical assistance, and referrals for additional services if needed
    Funded by:  Natl Capacity Logo     National Council of Asian Pacific Americans,
    PNC Bank and                                                                                              

Foreclosure Prevention Education and Counseling

Services provided to LMI, LEP and other ethnic communities throughout San Diego County include:

  • Loan modification assistance and foreclosure scam workshop
  • One-on-one education and counseling on available alternatives to foreclosure
  • Contact and negotiate loan modification with lenders/service providers on client’s behalf
  • Assistance with Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) form to homeowners with possible financial injuries due to foreclosure


Director:  Kim-Thoa Hoang  
Housing Councelor:  Huan Le

1031 25th Street
San Diego, CA    92102
Phone #:  (619) 232-6454