Housing Counseling

Pre-Purchase Education and Counseling

Assistance is given to low to moderate income (LMI), limited English proficient (LEP) San Diego residents to increase potential first time home-buyer awareness, knowledge and preparation of home purchasing processes and requirements.                                                               Services include:  corb2104

  • 8 hour first time home-buyer education workshop on mortgage, federal laws, predatory lending, and steps to home ownership
  • One-one counseling on home-buyer qualifications and credit, goals, developing, and budget creating through action plans
  • Follow-up, technical assistance, and referrals for additional services if needed
    Funded by:  Natl Capacity Logo     & PNC Bank                                                                                          

Foreclosure Prevention Education and Counseling

Services provided to LMI, LEP and other ethnic communities throughout San Diego County include:

  • Loan modification assistance and foreclosure scam workshop
  • One-on-one education and counseling on available alternatives to foreclosure
  • Contact and negotiate loan modification with lenders/service providers on client’s behalf
  • Assistance with Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) form to homeowners with possible financial injuries due to foreclosure


Director:  Kim-Thoa Hoang  
Housing Councelor:  Huan Le

1031 25th Street
San Diego, CA    92102
Phone #:  (619) 232-6454