Alliance for Community Empowerment (ACE) Program

ACE is a partnership of community organizations working together to address the effects of community violence.  By providing the skills and education to strengthen families and empower  San Diego’s Central Region youth, adults and families, we work together to make the community a safe place to live.  Services include:

The Mobile Response Team  
Responds to acts of violence such as shootings, stabbings and murders in the community to provide victim and family with emotional  support, resources and referrals for those in need.

img_007_teensTeen Empowerment
In a clubhouse setting, various youth (ages 12-17) meet daily and weekly, and are  provided with awareness and education, and strategies to overcome gang culture and delinquent behavior.  Advocate for youth as contributing leaders in our community.

Parent Empowerment
Offered to help parents or caregivers identify behavioral signs and risks,  and/or approach children they suspect may be gang affiliated or otherwise engaged in delinquent behavior.

Strengthening Families
A Parent-Child (ages 10-14) interactive course that promotes positive parenting, children’s  knowledge and skills in dealing with stress and peer pressure, and overall family unity.  Parents and their child will have the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship, understand each others perspectives and develop mutual respect.

grief counseling pict.Grief Support Services
provides support for adults affected by the trauma of violence or loss.  Certified Grief Recovery Specialists provide this service in three different formats:

  • Individualized counseling through home or office visits
  • Bi-monthly peer based grief support
  • Grief Recovery Method, a 10 week curriculum designed to assist moving beyond various forms of loss and on to recovery.
Funded by the County of San Diego LWSD PARTNER PAIR HHSA

DirectorDante Dauz, BS, JD
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San Diego, CA  92105
Phone #:   (619) 265-2772
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