Positive Solutions

Outpatient Program

provides outreach,  mental health prevention and early intervention to home-bound seniors (60+) who are at risk of becoming depressed or have minor depression.    The program uses evidence-based PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives).

  • Reduce feelings of isolationSuicide-In-Elderly-Asian-Women
  • Increase social support and physical activities
  • Reduce and/or resolve depressive symptoms
  • Reduce substance abuse
  • Reduce medication abuse
  • Increase and maintain individual self-sufficiency
  • Increase the skills to cope with life challenges
  • Reduce suicide attempts
  • Reduce or eliminate stigma of mental health issues and utilization of services
  • Short-term care management
  • Crisis Interventions

Services are available for individuals from all cultural backgrounds in the County’s Central, North Central, North Inland and North Coastal Regions.

Check out additional information here:  PSP Newsletter January 2019

Funded by the County of San Diego  LWSD PARTNER PAIR HHSA                                                                       

Positive Solutions Contact Information:
Program Manager:  Syed Imam, Ph.D.

9360 Activity Road, Suite B
San Diego, CA  92126                                                                                                                                                Phone#: (619) 238-1783
Fax#:  (619) 238-1837

920 W. San Marcos, Suite #
San Marcos, CA  92078
Phone#:  (760) 736-8373
Fax#:  (760) 736-8815