EMASS Arts & Crafts

Group Arts and Crafts are part of peer support recovery therapy at EMASS.  Our clients take part in a variety of art mediums.   Options include knitting, crochet, jewelry making, basket weaving and more.  Participating in new activities is important in living a healthy lifestyle and art is a wonderful outlet of expression.

Below is a sampling of various art and craft projects.  All items are available for purchase.  Please contact EMASS Program Director, Agnes Hajek at (760) 233-1984  for additional information.

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Assorted Weaved Plastic Baskets    SAM_0046    SAM_0032_edited-1   SAM_0031_edited-1         SAM_0034_edited-1      SAM_0039_edited-1   SAM_0040_edited-1  SAM_0035_edited-1    SAM_0036_edited-1   SAM_0038_edited-1