East Wind Clubhouse

OutPatient Program

The UPAC East Wind Clubhouse provides rehabilitative services to help individuals recovering from mental illness  build life skills through social, educational, vocational,  and community  integration activities.

The peer-led program provides:

  • Physical health including exercise, mental health wellness and nutrition education
  • Traditional arts including origami classes, knitting and crocheting,                                          mixed media art classes:  Click here  Eastwind Arts & Crafts Samples
  • Music therapy includes group choir and singing competitions
  • Cultural activities and presentations, ethnic cooking classes, and ethnic celebrations
  • ESL Classes, Citizenship Classes, Foodhandlers Classes
  • Computer classes
  • Support Groups
  • Medical Health Resources
  • Employment support and readiness;  resume building, the interview process practice, and job search


Click Here to view East Wind Clubhouse Video:  East Wind Clubhouse Video

Funded by the County of San DiegoLWSD PARTNER PAIR HHSA
Clubhouse DirectorMay Vang, BS
8745 Aero Drive, Suite 330
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone #: (858) 268-4933
Fax #:  (858) 268-0244