Beverley Yip Scholarship Fund

The Beverley Yip Scholarship Fund History

The Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) was founded in 1974 when San Diego was home to only a few immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, Samoa, Guam and the Philippines. UPAC began as a coalition of six organizations with a budget of $36,000. It is now the largest provider of health and human services to the Asian and Pacific Islander communities in San Diego with a budget of over $16 million dollars.

As Executive Director, Beverley Yip led UPAC from 1974 to 1990 in its mission to meet the social, psychological, and physical needs of San Diego’s Asian and Pacific Islander populations. Her courage and compassion fueled UPAC to provide unparalleled services. She was and remains respected, loved, and cherished by those who knew her.  In the fall of 1991, Beverley Yip passed away of cancer.

The Beverley Yip Fund was created by her husband, Phillip, and children, Janice and Keith, to encourage young people to seek education, training, and personal development opportunities. The hope is that these individuals would enter and sustain careers focusing on positively contributing to Asian and Pacific Islanders’ social, psychological, and physical needs.

Applications for the Beverley Yip Scholarship are currently closed. Please check back for more information!

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