NEW: UPAC Rocks Facebook Page

Below message by:  Sandra Knickerbocker

“UPAC Rocks began with the sole purpose of spreading joy, kindness, and a sense of community through creativity and was inspired by the Santee Rocks Facebook Group.  The idea is to decorate rocks with paint, chalk, or markers and to hide them in various locations to brighten someone’s day. For longevity, rocks should be covered with a sealer.  If you find a painted rock that you can’t bear to part with, please keep it, but replace it with one of your own creations.  This is a kindness project, and kindness has no boundaries!

Group Rules:
1. Please feel free to take your rock to another town, state or country to hide and share.
2. Do not decorate rocks with glue-on accessories. These will eventually fall off and become litter and a hazard to wildlife.
3. Be sensitive to the environment and do not remove rocks from or hunt in protected habitats, and please follow all rules of the parks and trails you visit.
4. Avoid hiding in large chain stores, and be respectful of small businesses and private property.
5. Don’t hide in grass where lawn mowers roam or in other hazardous locations.
6. Keep all posts kind, and free of rants and drama, political opinions, foul language, or business advertising and all pictures family-friendly. Members who violate these standards will be deleted.
7. Above all, use common sense and remember our mission. We want to spread happiness in our community, and in no way wish to be a nuisance, distraction, or hazard.

“Rocks reflect the opinions and attitudes of the individual artists, and not those of the administration or UPAC organization.  UPAC cannot be held responsible for the actions of individual group members.”

This is meant to be fun for all ages and abilities, so get creative and get outside!  Thank you for being such an important part of this community. Peace, love and joy!