SDG&E: Energy Message & Tips for June

Make this a cool summer with a new smart thermostat

Purchase an approved smart thermostat and enroll in SDG&E’s Reduce Your UseSM Rewards – and you’ll receive a $50 Visa® gift card. Plus, you can earn another $25 for each summer you participate in the Rewards program. Visit to find out if you qualify.

You can find and purchase a selection of eligible smart thermostats by visiting the SDG&E Marketplace. With this online tool, customers can compare prices, estimated energy savings, product features and popularity ratings across thousands of home appliances and electronics. Some of the products qualify for online rebates, and SDG&E Marketplace makes the rebate application process easier than ever. For more information, visit

Trying to beat the heat?

Cool Zones are places where senior citizens and people with special needs can comfortably escape mid-day summer heat and reduce their air-conditioning use, which helps save on energy costs.

Cool Zones are established by the County of San Diego Aging and Independence Services (AIS) and this year are open to the public from May 4 to October 31, 2017. There are currently more than 100 Cool Zones that provide service to some of the hottest areas in the San Diego region. They are located in senior centers and other public buildings.

Find your nearest Cool Zone at or call the County of San Diego at 800.510.2020 and press 6.

Comfort you can count on

Is your heating and A/C system getting quality care? Pay only $50 to receive a System Assessment and Improvement ($300 value) visit. You have two options for payment. When the contractor comes to your home, you can either:

  • Pay $50 to the contractor and they will receive $250 SDG&E rebate check
  • Pay $300 to the contractor and you will be sent the $250 SDG&E rebate check

A qualifying contractor will thoroughly inspect your system and equipment, change the air filter, and clean the condenser coil. You will receive a detailed report showing any additional maintenance or repairs you may need – along with more rebates to offset the costs. Find out if you qualify by calling A/C Quality Care at 800.289.2440 or visiting

-Message from SDG&E, Residential Energy in June